Convenience and Comfort in our Mobile Grooming Salon! Servicing Small Dogs in the Fort Collins Area


We strive to give your dog a comfortable grooming experience.

Expect kind, caring, compassionate care with positive reinforcement (treats!)

A full groom includes (ask for a quote. Price varies based on breed, size, and coat type.):

  • Bath (hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner with warm clean water)

  • Brush

  • Fur Cut

  • Nails trimmed & buffed smooth

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Bows or Bandana

Optional Extras and Stand Alone Options:

  • Tooth Brushing $10

  • Deshedding $10-$20

  • Nail Trim $10 or $15 with dremmel

  • Tidy-Up $25 Just Nails, Ear Cleaning, Sanitary Clip

  • Color $5.00 (dye is temporary & non-toxic/formulated for pets)

  • The Works $15 - Basic grooming package is upgraded to include toothbrushing, gland expression, apple oatmeal conditioner, blueberry facial, and coat protectant finishing spray. 


We have gentle, experienced, qualified groomers, and EVERYTHING needed to make your dog clean, fresh smelling, and beautiful!

Call or Text (970) 224-4422 to make an appointment to be added to the mobile route in and around Fort Collins! 

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Comfort Grooming was founded by Michele Teich in 2006 as an in-home housecall service and still offers the same convenient services in Fort Collins but in a state of the art mobile dog grooming facility! In addition, Comfort Grooming has a small stationary salon for customers with small dogs in Sterling Colorado. The location has affectionately been named The K-9 Cottage. To prevent confusion with our Fort Collins mobile service, Sterling customers are encouraged to call or text (970) 451-4500